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Giorgio Armani has released a new scent in the latest Les Editions Couture collection, Si Eau de Parfum. This deep blackcurrant nectar perfume has airy florals and musky blond wood in its composition. It has a long, lingering sexiness that is reminiscent of an elegant eighty-year-old dowager at a cocktail party. It is a subtle, sophisticated scent, crafted with elegance and sophistication.


The signature fragrance of the Armani family is iris. The iris is the unifying thread in all the Haute Couture and Prive Collections, and is a signature of the Armani line. Each Armani/Prive eau de toilette features a rich, earthy scent that brings to mind the mystical evocation of India’s precious spices. The scent is intense and a sensuous journey through the Orient.


The vanilla scent echoes that of heliotrope, while the cinnamon notes add a strong hint of spice. Both Nuances and Prologue are unisex fragrances. In addition to the vanilla note, there are other elements, including heliotrope and custard. The overall effect is one of subtle warmth and calm, a warm, musky iris with a hint of sweet almond. The three elements echoe each other’s mood.


The Armani Prive Editions Couture fragrance is inspired by a photograph using mirrors and optical prisms. The iris in the print is the focal point of the perfume. It is also one of the most expensive scents available. Its design reflects the iris pattern used by the designer in his clothes. It is a sophisticated scent that will enhance any outfit. So, get ready to be dazzled.

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